Corporate Education Agency Diocese of Pala was formed in th eyear 1951 by the visonary and great educationalist Mar Sebastain Vayalil

We strive hard to bring his dreams into reality by dedicating ourself to the society .

The education agency has its head qurters at Shalom Pastoral Centre, Pala. Mar. Joseph Kallarangat is the Manger of the Corporate Education ageny, Pala. The agency is lead by our beloved Bishops Mar Joseph Kallarangat and Mar. Jacob Murickal.



  • Vision

    • We will help our students reach high levels of achievement. Our vision is to prepare each student for a successful future.
  • Mission

    • We strive hard to accomplish our vision of Creating a Society with Values and become a true Christian by Selecting the best Teachers and Creating a competitive learning Environment. We belive in the values taught by our great Guru - Jesus Christ.