Corporate Educational Agency, Diocese of Palai


The Corporate Educational Agency, Diocese of Palai started functioning in 1951even before the Kerala Education Act and Rules came into force in June 1959. Today there are 64 LP Schools, 31 UP Schools, 41 High Schools, 2 Teacher Training Institutes, 1 Vocational Higher Secondary School and 14 Higher Secondary Schools under this Agency.  
 The objective of the Educational Agency is to impart sound education to the children irrespective of caste, creed or religion and to co-ordinate all the educational activities carried on under the authority of the Diocese of Palai.
 The Bishop of Palai is the Corporate Manager of the Schools of the Diocese. The Bishop can exercise his authority either directly or through the person to whom is given the power of Attorney subject to the approval of the Department. 

Teachers are recruited for appointments through a common entrance examination and interview. The examination ensures fair, transparent, non-exploitative and merit based selection of teachers. 


Previous Managers

During the last 6 decades the following eight veteran personalities have rendered their valuable services as the Powers of Attorney to the Corporate Manager. They are remembered with great reverence and gratitude.

Rev. Fr. Jacob Mannanal


Rev. Fr. Joseph Thazhathel

(1962 to 1970)

Rev. Fr. Abraham Thondickal          

(1970 to 1981)

Rev. Fr. Francis Vadakkel

(1981 to 1997)


Rev. Fr. Thomas Ettackakunnel

(1997 to 2002)

Rev. Fr. Jacob Muricken

(2002 to 2007)

Rev. Fr. Joseph Enthanal l          

(2007 to 2011)

Rev. Fr Mathew Chandrankunnel

(2011 to ....)